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The Security Event

8 - 10 April 2025 | NEC Birmingham, UK

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Security Cameras

26 Oct 2023

The i-ctrl

Netcelero Stand: 5/L78

The i-ctrl effortlessly meets your connectivity
needs. It's technology agnostic - it works
with any network, even any connection type.

The i-ctrl combines any multiple connections -
4G/5G, DSL, Fibre, even Starlink. With two on
board 4G modems, you simply select which
connections are primary and which are backup.
On start up, the i-ctrl establishes the multiple
internet connections. It then creates an
encrypted tunnel over the primary connection
to Netcelero's core network.

The core network assigns a Netcelero static
IP address to your i-ctrl. Access to this
static IP, is through the tunnel, so even if
the primary connection fails, the CPE will
create a new tunnel over the backup link(s)
and you will retain your static's so easy to
set up, working like magic, to simplify secure
connectivity to any site, anywhere.  



  • Access Control
  • CCTV & Video Surveillance
  • Communications
  • IT & Cybersecurity
  • Other
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