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12 May 2021

Commissioning Process

PSM Stand: 3a/F1

Commissioning Process

The PSM step-by-step process for connecting a site to our CCTV remote monitoring station.

For most CCTV installers commissioning a new site and connecting to a remote video monitoring and alarm receiving centre may seem like a daunting task.

With this in mind our expert team have developed a simple and stress-free connection process, providing you with peace of mind.


1) No appointment required

We realise security installers are busy with ongoing projects and work schedules, and need to stay flexible to meet customer requirements. This is why there is no appointment or set time required for us to connect to a site.

To begin the process, call the team on 01942 366291 (preferably during business hours Monday to Friday 8am to 5.30pm), who will manage your connection and dial into site.


2) Understanding your system

To help us dial into your site, we need to understand your system configuration and set up. We do this by gathering information from you in good time.

Our ‘fact find’ provides us with all the necessary data needed to allow us to get to work and successfully dial into your site.

3) Connect to site in minutes

Once we have received the required information we can connect to the site within minutes.

We will configure the set-up of the site via our own in-house software. Once we have connected to site, we will send you the required information and settings for the alarms.

We will be on hand to resolve any issues to ensure a smooth and successful site connection.


4) Bespoke configuration

Once we have gathered the information from your system design, we will create a bespoke configuration for you through our own in-house software, saving you hours of time in the process. Your system will be configured individually with bespoke settings tailored around the site, the environment and customer operations.

Your bespoke system configuration will:

  • Stream immediate live, alarm and recorded images
  • Achieve entry and exit routes
  • Aid individual detector part set
  • Send immediate camera fail and restores
  • Send fail to set notifications
  • Change time schedule of all cameras and detector settings easily within seconds
  • Instantly retrieve detector logs for any period between 10 minutes and 24 hours
  • See at a glance any detectors that have not activated and identify over-activating detectors


5) Walk test

When the system is ready, call us on 01942 366291 for a full engineer’s walk test where we will view you on each camera and check that the alarm is received successfully whilst checking that audio warnings can be clearly heard.


6) Settling in period

Welcome to PSM!

Once the configuration process is complete, we will continuously monitor the effectiveness of your system to ensure everything is working efficiently at all times.

During the settling in period, we will monitor customer routines and behaviour which will allow us to change and configure the site to efficiently improve system settings.

If there are any issues which arise in the settling in period, we will be on hand to resolve those issues quickly and efficiently.


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