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The Security Event

8 - 10 April 2025 | NEC Birmingham, UK

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Security Cameras

23 Feb 2024

7 Series Customisable AI Cameras

Merit Lilin UK Stand: 5/J1

LILIN's Edge AI camera range is the only one of its kind on the market that offers such a high level of flexibility with regards to the customisation options available. 

The LILIN Edge AI camera ranges include low-profile domes, as well as a variety of bullet cameras with longer lenses and PTZ cameras.


This allows clients to choose which camera chassis they prefer, and then add in which objects they want to detect- from a wide variety of available AI engine options which currently include: 

  • EDGELPR: License Plate Recognition,
  • EDGECARMAKE: Vehicle Make and Colour Recognition, 
  • EDGEFLOW: Human, Vehicle and Object Detection 
  • EDGEMASK: Mask, No Mask, Incorrect Mask Detection, 
  • EDGESAFTY: Hard Hat, Safety Vest, Eye Protection Detection, 
  • EDGEFIRE: Smoke and Fire Detection, 
  • EDGEVESSEL: Identify Vessels including Cargo, Cruise, Ferry,
  • EDGEANIMAL: Identify Animals including cats, dogs, bears, and sheep,
  • EDGEFENCE: Vehicle and Human Restricted Area Detection,
  • EDGEDENSITY: Vehicle and Human Density Detection.

LILIN's Edge AI camera range is the first with 'YOLO' (You Only Look Once) technology, and this allows clients to create their own AI engines. Using LILIN's Self+AI Cloud Service, clients can upload their own images to our web server to create a personalised firmware that can then be uploaded to our cameras. 

Teach the camera to identify delivery vehicles for specific companies- Amazon, Hermes or DHL- for ease of delivery. Trigger push notifications, open a gate or even unlock your storage box for a secure product drop. 


  • CCTV & Video Surveillance
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